Address: 22 Sovietskaya Street, Uzda, Minsk Oblast, 223411, Republic of Belarus.

Working hours: 8.30 - 17.30, break 13.00 - 14.00

Phone: +375 1718 65-5-07

Fax: +375 1718 65-3-57


Neman River in spring
Neman River in spring
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Offices and Departments of the Uzda District Executive Committee

Agriculture and Food Directorate
Reception phones: 65-0-01, 53-2-74, phone/fax 56-1-03
Yuriy Dyadyuk
Directorate head
Office No. 111
Phone: 65-4-41.

Labor, Employment and Social Care Department Directorate
Olga Bartalevich
Directorate head
Office No. 217
Phone 65-4-45.
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Education, Sport and Tourism Directorate
Olga Korol
Directorate head
Office No. 421
Phone: 53-0-27.
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HR Department
Aksana Mishuk
Department head
Office No. 305
Phone/fax: 54-2-87

Economy Department
Natalya Kozel
Department head
Office No. 322
Phone 65-6-39

Ideology, Culture and Youth Affairs Department
Elena Spirina
Department head
Office No. 416
Phone 54-6-89

Utilities, Architecture and Construction Department
Natalya Guk
Department head
Office No. 106
Phone 65-7-90
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Civil Acts Registration Department
9 Novitskogo Street, Uzda, 223411 (District House of Culture)
Olga Makhnach
Department head
Phone 66-1-02
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Land Management Department
Elena Grechko
Department head
Office No. 406
Phone 65-4-04
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Finance Department
Lyudmila Naskovskaya
Department head
Office No.208
Phone 65-2-45.

Internal Affairs Department
Address 223411, 15 Stepanova Street, Uzda
Emergency control center 56-0-53
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Section for appeals of citizens and legal entities
Irina Yaroshevich
Section head
Office No.103
Phone 51-4-34.
Lyudmila Nekrasova
Office No.307
Phone/fax 65-3-57.
Natalya Adamovich
Chief accountant
Office No.414
Phone 54-5-34.
Galina Abramovich
Chief inspector
Office No.417
Phone 53-0-85.