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Bus station in Uzda
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19 June 2023

Military expert explains how Belarus responds to external threats

Deputy head of the Faculty for Education and Science - head of the Education and Methodology Department of the Faculty of the General Staff of the Armed Forces at the Military Academy of Belarus Colonel Andrei Bogodel told BelTA how Belarus responds to external challenges and threats.

BelTA hosted a roundtable session to discuss the tense situation unfolding in the immediate vicinity of the Belarusian border. According to Andrei Bogodel, the Belarusian leadership takes steps to protect the sovereignty and independence of Belarus. “What is being done in our country? We clearly understand that the developments on the western border, where about 17 exercises are currently underway, as well as on the southern border will entail a change in the entire geostrategy. First of all, fundamental documents are adopted in due time. In particular we have formalized in the Constitution our decision to renounce our neutral status. In addition, we have removed the wording about the non-nuclear status of the country,” Andrei Bogodel recalled.

The military expert also drew attention to the fact that the development of the national security concept is at the final stage. “In this document we have examined nine key domains of our work and included a new one - biological. This is important, given the situation with all these biological laboratories. We are also considering the adoption of a new military doctrine that will give clear answers to the questions related to unfriendly countries,” the expert emphasized.

Andrei Bogodel explained why this work is being done: “It is important to set our goals right: where we are going, who is opposing us, and what results we should achieve when it comes to deterring external aggression. And, of course, we should make sure that no one will be able to undermine us from within.”