Address: 22 Sovietskaya Street, Uzda, Minsk Oblast, 223411, Republic of Belarus.

Working hours: 8.30 - 17.30, break 13.00 - 14.00

Phone: +375 1718 65-5-07

Fax: +375 1718 65-3-57


Bus station in Uzda
Bus station in Uzda
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Social sphere

The educational system of Uzda district includes 31 institutions:
12 institutions of general secondary education (1 regional gymnasium, 5 secondary schools, 1 basic school, 5 kindergartens-schools);
11 preschool institutions;
Center for Creativity of Children and Youth;
Center for Correctional Development Education and Rehabilitation;
Uzda district social and educational center;
Uzdenskaya regional children's and youth sports school;
Uzda boarding school of a sanatorium type;
Uzda State Agricultural Professional Lyceum.
Physical culture and health center of Uzdensky region;
Uzdensky district educational and methodical office.

Physical culture, sports and tourism are represented by two institutions:
Physical culture and health center of Uzdensky region;
Uzda regional children's and youth sports school.

There are 63 sports facilities in the Uzda district.

The tourism sector includes 22 estates, a hotel associated with the Uzda housing and communal services sector, and the Podyelniki sanatorium.