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Hotel in Uzda
Hotel in Uzda
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There are 149 stores with total floor space of 10,854 square meters in Uzda District.

In terms of ownership, the structure is the following:
77 (51.7%) of all retail outlets
are run by the Uzda district consumer society
26 (17.4%) are owned by individual entrepreneurs
13 (8.7%) are run by state enterprises
31 (20.8%) are run by commercial organizations of different forms of ownership.

In 2011 retail sales, including public catering, amounted to Br192.897 billion (up 9.3% as against the same period in 2010).

The sales of the district consumer society stores account for 48.4% of all sales in the district.

The Uzda district consumer society comprises:
trade companies
private company "Uzda District Coopprom"
Shopping space of the district consumer society stores makes 316 square meters per 1,000 people (68.4% of total shopping space).

Uzda District has 82 payment terminals and two scanning systems installed in 67 retail outlets.

The Uzda district consumer society opened the Commission Goods shop (36 Krasnaya Square) and the AvantMebel company opened the Mebel shop (15 Novitskogo Street) in Uzda in 2011.

Public catering is represented by 20 companies, 14 of them are managed by the Uzda district consumer society and the remaining six are run by Aspect-Center, Korno, Kirsagro, branch office of the Belaya Rus agricultural company, Slutsk Bread-Baking Plant, fuel station No. 73 of the Belorusneft-Minskoblnefteprodukt enterprise and Automobile Park No. 15.

The overall number of seats in public catering facilities totals 613. The district consumer society has 486, Aspect-Center - 25, Korno - 15, Kirsagro - 25, Automobile Park No. 15 - 12, Slutsk Bread-Baking Plant – 32 and fuel station No.73 of the Belorusneft-Minskoblnefteprodukt enterprise - 8 seats.

The Uzda district consumer society opened an 85-seat cafe Lotos in a bid to boost sales.