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Uzda District Executive Committee


The manufacturing sector is represented by OOO Mark Formelle (apparel), the utilities company RUP Uzdenskoye ZhKKh (heating, water supply), OOO Belkarplastik (goods made of fiberglass plastic), small enterprises and subsidiary shops.

A local enterprise makes bakery and meat products under the brand Slavyanochka.

The manufactory Mir Svechi in the town of Uzda makes decorative candles and handmade candleholders.

Agriculture plays the leading role in the Uzda District economy. The local farmers specialize in producing meat and milk, growing cereals and leguminous crops, colza, sugar beet, and potatoes. The total area under crops is 51,800ha.

Agribusiness is represented by 12 agricultural enterprises and 18 farming enterprises.

The Minsk-Slutsk-Mikashevichi motorway crosses Uzda District territory. There are 775.5km of roads in Uzda District, which are serviced and maintained by the enterprise DRSU No.163 (a branch of KUP Minskobldorstroi), Unit No.623 of the Stolbtsy-based enterprise DEU-62, Unit No.605 of the Minsk-based enterprise DEU-60, and RUP Uzdenskoye ZhKKh.

Pipelines and networks to areas of detached houses and residential houses in agricultural enterprises are built by OAO PMK No.69 and ODO AiVekoStroi.

The latest constructions in the town of Uzda include the Palace of Culture, the local police station, an office of the Investigative Committee, a backup computing center of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, and apartment blocks.