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Uzda District Executive Committee
4 September 2023

Lukashenko: Mother tongue, knowledge, and traditions of ancestors always bring people together

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has congratulated participants and guests on Belarusian Written Language Day on 2 September, the press service of the Belarusian leader told BelTA.

The president noted: “I heartily congratulate you on Belarusian Written Language Day. It is a celebration of national culture, printed word, and Belarusian spirituality, which marks the 30th anniversary this year. In this period Belarusian Written Language Day has been held in many famous centers of culture and enlightenment across Belarus, including Polotsk, Turov, Novogrudok, Nesvizh, Pinsk, Zaslavl, and Shklov. Names of the best domestic internationally recognized authors are connected to them such as Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Kirill of Turov, Piotr of Mstislavl, Spiridon Sobol, and Simeon of Polotsk.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted it is symbolical that the 30th anniversary coincides with the Year of Peace and Creation and is celebrated in the hospitable Vitebsk land where Belarusian statehood was born and the oldest book printing center is located.

“Mother tongue, knowledge, and traditions of ancestors always bring people together, inspire them to work hard, allow them to overcome difficulties and hardships. They always represent an inexhaustible wellspring of strength and wisdom of the people, a pillar for nurturing patriotism and love of the Fatherland,” the president stressed.

The head of state wished good health, happiness, life wisdom, and creative work for the benefit of the Motherland to participants and guests of the festival.

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