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Uzda District Executive Committee
6 September 2023

Lukashenko on Belarus-Uzbekistan relations: A lot has been done, but there is more to do

 A lot has been done to promote relations between Belarus and Uzbekistan, but there is still room for improvement, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Chairwoman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Tanzila Narbayeva on 5 September, BelTA has learned.

The head of state noted that the visit is taking place in the year when Belarus and Uzbekistan mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations. “A lot has been done, but there is room for improvement in this difficult time, when we are at a turning point in international relations,” the president said describing the level of bilateral cooperation.

According to him, Belarus is ready to expand relations and share any technology with Uzbekistan. The head of state welcomed effective interaction and mutual support on international platforms and in integration associations. He appreciated Uzbekistan's decision to uphold Belarus' efforts to fast-track its admission to the SCO. “We will always support you, because we share your commitment to peace and friendly relations with neighbors and other countries,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

The president believes that the Belarus-Uzbekistan Women's Business Forum taking place in Minsk these days will give a fresh impetus to relations between the two countries. “I would really like us to switch to regional cooperation (we already have this experience with the Russian Federation), the core of which is the economy. This is important for us, and even more important for Uzbekistan in terms of technology. In this case we will not have to start out from simple trade, but from cooperation between enterprises, technology transfer to Uzbekistan - it would bring some benefits to you. We are absolutely open for this type of cooperation,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

The head of state emphasized that Belarus has very warm feelings for Uzbekistan and its people who are similar to Belarusians in one important way - they are very hardworking people who had to overcome many trials in their history.

Speaking about his personal attitude to this country, Aleksandr Lukashenko said that he had been closely watching developments in Uzbekistan for a long time. He believes that the people of Uzbekistan are lucky with the incumbent leader, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “You have a very good president. I tell him right in his face: you should not let down your people who have so much trust in you and who believe you so much.”

“Your president is strongly determined to make life better for Uzbekistan and its people,” the Belarusian leader added. “Uzbekistan has a great future. And here is my advice to you: try to keep your president in office as long as possible. He needs time to show what he can do,” the president said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled that he had visited Uzbekistan several times. Together with Shavkat Mirziyoyev he has recently toured the south of this republic; this part of the country is stunningly beautiful. Uzbekistan's head of state invited the Belarusian counterpart to come to his country again. The president of Belarus admitted that he would like to visit the mountainous regions of this country in winter: “I will try to make time to visit your mountains in the near future.” In turn, Tanzila Narbayeva conveyed greetings from the president of Uzbekistan and an invitation to visit the country: the Belarusian leader is expected to come to Uzbekistan at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

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